My name is Cheryl Roberge and I am the sole owner of Carnanco Conveyancing.  People ask where such an unusual name came from.  Carnanco Ltd. was originally a company formed by my grandfather and great uncle in order to purchase real estate.  The company was named after their wives Carol and Nancy.   Now my family has inspired me to start Carnanco Conveyancing in order to help others purchase real estate.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of clearing all liens (or money owed) from the title of the property. It is imperative that this process is completed for two reasons; (1) in order for a title insurance company to insure and (2) so that the new owners of the property have undisputed ownership of said property and will not be required to pay for expenses that were incurred by the prior owner.

Is Conveyancing all you do?

No.  Please check out our Services page to see other ways in which we can help your business or real estate transaction.